Coworking is a new way of working that brings people from different companies and freelancers together in shared workspaces.

Coworking spaces are typically shared office environments where freelancers, telecommuters, remote workers and other independent workers can share amenities and work alongside each other. Also, some businesses choose coworking spaces to provide their staff with equipment, space, and services they cannot afford otherwise.


Coworking originated in 2005 in San Francisco's Mission District. When a small collective of several people gathered and began sharing a space. The first group coworkers met just two days each week, which expanded exponentially over time.

Several years later, the movement has increased, and the concept seems here to stay.

What to expect

Adding to the obvious shared space to work, at most coworking spaces, you can expect to find WiFi, printers, conference rooms, shared kitchens, bathrooms and lounges. Some will have tea and coffee available, too.


One of the key advantages of coworking spaces is the sense of community they provide. Unlike working from home, where you might feel isolated and disconnected, coworking spaces offer a vibrant and social environment where you can meet and interact with other professionals who are also pursuing their own businesses or projects.

This can be an excellent opportunity to network, share ideas, and even collaborate on projects, which can help to foster innovation and creativity. Coworking spaces often don't require long-term contracts. This flexibility is a great way to keep costs low for startups and freelancers.


Not everyone is a good fit for coworking spaces. Some people might find the shared environment noisy or distracting, while others might prefer the solitude and quiet of working from home.

Additionally, coworking spaces can be more expensive than working from home, although this will vary depending on location and amenities.

The Future

The number of coworking spaces designed for giving freelancers and remote workers an office space have boomed recently. The growth of this innovative model of office space is in large part due to freelancers and online start-up firms seeking cost effective and flexible office solutions.

We can only spect to find new coworking spaces specially in big cities in the next years.

Final thoughts Overall, coworking spaces can be an excellent option for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers who are looking for a flexible and collaborative workspace outside of the traditional office setting.

If you're considering a coworking space, it's worth taking the time to research your options and find a space that fits your needs, and budget taking in consideration their location and amenities and contract terms.